What’s everyone’s favourite colour? The colour of new!
Almost a decade ago, we used an icon of renovation – the paintbrush – to remind shoppers at this Ontario mall that there was going to be a lot to look forward to!
To build excitement for a redevelopment that included 30 new stores, a new food court and a unique in-mall Heritage Museum, we developed creative that extended the redevelopment theme, "The Colour of New." The visual device for the campaign used an oversized paint brush, with the bristles replaced by products representative of the new offerings at the mall. These graphics were carried across a wide range of applications. Result? 100% of retailers exceeded their sales projections during grand opening month!
Bus Kings
Bus Wraps
Entrance Doors
Washroom Doors
Large Hoarding - 2017
Video Panorama of Large Hoarding - 2017

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