What happens when you just give kids the facts about tobacco?
They say telling a teenager not to do something might be the best way to get them wanting to do it even more. So when it comes to smoking, we chose to present the facts about the harm tobacco can cause and invite them to make up their own minds.
Since the early 1990s, we’ve been creating award-winning anti-tobacco magazines and unique interactive tobacco prevention programs for schools in provinces across Canada. The magazines use hard-hitting images and clear fact-based infographics to show the true cost of using tobacco, and the interactive programs invite youth to participate – without the preaching.  Click here to see recently completed QUiT iT! online magazine. Each year, schools get materials for a comprehensive lesson on what makes great social marketing tobacco programming material, including background information, anti-tobacco publications, and a DVD compilation of award winning anti-tobacco ads from around the world. Students vote for the best ad, schools submit their results, and these are gathered and posted in province-wide ad buys. Teachers give the program rave reviews every year, and students appreciate being allowed to decide for themselves. Results? More and more students are deciding to say “no thanks” to tobacco.
QUiT iT Poster, Ballots and DVD
unFILTERED Magazine Cover and Spread
View+Vote Poster, DVD, Guide and Teacher's Support
Sucked-In Poster

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