One huge reno. One remarkable man. One much better mall.
Meet the hero of this mall’s redevelopment campaign – there’s nothing he can’t make better! 
Unlike those redevelopment campaigns which keep apologizing – "pardon our dust!" – we wanted to remind shoppers at Hillside Centre that we were hard at work changing pretty much everything for the better. By focusing on one extremely skilled tradesman, "Hillside Guy," we demonstrated that his abilities went way beyond drywall and plumbing; he proved his prowess at everything from icing donuts to blinging a purse. You could follow his footprints to find your way around the mall, and even watch his site tour on video. Result? Comp sales dropped less than expected during construction, and our Guy developed a cult following!
Renovation Hoarding
Renovation Hoarding
Renovation Update Video
Small Space Newspaper Ads and Gift Card

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